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What we use and Why

Face paint and glitter

Illusions Face and Body Art takes your safety seriously.  Our artists use only the best, FDA compliant, professional grade cosmetic make-up.  The makeup we use is water based and approved for use on the face and skin.  It is hypoallergenic to most people and is easily removable with soap and water.  The brands we use are Snazaroo and Wolfe. We DO NOT USE acrylic paint, poster paint, or any other type of craft paints!  Although you will find these types of paint labled "non-toxic" , that disclaimer only applies if one were to ingest the paint! These types of craft paint are NOT approved for use on skin and can cause severe allergic reactions on certain people. Please be advised and always ask what kind of paint a face painter is about to use on you or your child!

On that note, if you or your child has sensitive skin (and has had a reaction to "face painting" in the past), please advise us so we can perform a "test" before painting the whole face.  Of course we can also paint arms, legs, and hands where the skin is usually less sensitive.

The glitter we use (on faces and on glitter tattoos) is also specifically designed for your safety.  It is non metalic, cosmetic grade glitter specifically designed for use on the skin.  This is NOT craft glitter that can be typically purchased at craft stores!

The adhesive glue we use for glitter tattoos  is also safe for use on skin. It is non- latex and was designed specifically for use on skin.


 We use 100% natural Henna paste. Henna is a plant that when dried and mixed with other natural ingredients and essential oils stains the skin. Pure Henna stains the skin in various color forms of red, orange, and brown.  We do not use black henna due to the fact that para-phenylenediamine or PPD is used to turn the henna black.  PPD is a synthetic tar coal dye, and causes SEVERE reactions in some people. To learn more about PPD in henna click here. Blk Henna Warning