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JCC Maccabi Games and Arts Closing Festival

Posted by illusionsfaceandbodyart on August 15, 2010 at 12:00 AM

We arrived on Thursday August 11 at the JCC(Jewish Community Center) on Owings Mills at 1:30pm. As we drove up they had staff with walky talkies stopping and directing traffic. We pull up and let them know we were the face painters. Astonishingly they were aware we were coming.  . As entertainers/artists we are use to puling up to large events and nobody knowing we are suppose to be there. It was good to see that all helpers were informed. We parked and proceeded to walk to this enormous building. I mean this place was huge and they had everything you could imagine to do there. Pool, gym, game courts.... After checking in  we went to find our tent and set up. At that time they offered us volunteers to help us the entire time. This too is not the normal practice of festivals. We were very happy to accept the help. We set up and got to work. We painted faces, arms, bellies, legs. The kids kept coming and coming. Glitter tattoos were also a hit. There was glitter flying everywhere. The kids and counselors came up with very imaginative things for us to paint and glitter. I also enjoyed meeting many people from all over the world. I even painted Haiti on a mans forearm. He obviously was from Haiti and I enjoyed learning about his country while I worked. Everyone was so nice and polite. It was wonderful working with such a fun and diverse group. Awhile into the festival there was a tornado warning so we packed up quickly and proceeded to move in doors. It was a packed house. After awhile of figuring out where to put us we set up in the cafeteria. In the room next to this was a band playing great music. This entire facility was awesome. There was so much for the kids to do. What an awesome party. We continued painting and glittering in the cafeteria while smelling the free subway subs they were giving to the children. It smelled so good. When our time was over we packed up and thanked the lovely lady running the festival making sure she knew we would love to work for her anytime. What a lovely bunch of people and great experiance for us as artists. Thank you JCC for a incorporating us in your amazing festival!

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